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  • About G-Adventures
  • About G-Adventures
  • About G-Adventures

Choose YOLO Tours if you...

  • Are between the ages of 18-to-thirtysomething, if you're young at heart and if the spirit of adventure courses through your blood.
  • Prefer fast-paced, budget-friendly trips around the world, where you visit new and exciting places each day.
  • Love making new friends and believe that real travellers are those that have meaningful encounters with local people.

What are YOLO Tours?

You Only Live Once, so live fast, live free!

Our YOLO Tours reflect fast, fresh and fun adventures that never slow down. Designed for young, budget-minded travellers, you can maximise your time and money with small groups, insider access and personal freedom to follow spontaneous adventures to get the most out of a destination. You Only Live Once, make it count!

Please Note: YOLO travellers must be above 18 years of age