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Galapagos Camping Adventure

9 Days, Quito to Quito
Galapagos Camping Adventure

All Departures 100% Guaranteed | If you're booked, you're going.

The Galapagos Islands aren't just all about cruising - try a camping experience on for size! This one-week trip keeps you close to the action - and trust us, ther read more...

    • Are young at heart
    • Prefer fast-paced and budget-friendly trips
    • Want to have meaningful encounters with local people
    • Love making new friends
What's Included
  • Overseas Medical Insurance for the duration of the tour (Sum of US$ 2,50,000 covered).
  • Local Flight
  • 08 nights accommodation with breakfast (Camping (6 nts), simple hotels (2 nts)).
  • 7 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners.
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities (Plane, public speedboat, van, pickup truck, public bus).
  • Full-day hike of Sierra Negra Volcano (Isabela).
  • Highlands visit (Floreana).
  • Loberia snorkelling excursion (Floreana).
  • Visit to Flamingo Lagoon and Tortoise Breeding Centre (Isabela), Charles Darwin Research Station (Santa Cruz), and lava tunnels (Santa Cruz).
  • Isabela Municipal Tax.
  • Opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, and incredible wildlife encounters.
  • Local naturalist guide for included activities in the Galapagos Islands (certified by the Galapagos National Park), local G Adventures representative in Quito..
Please ensure that you print a final copy of your trip details provided by Cox & Kings as pdf format.
Important Notes

We recommend you to have a meal budget of USD 255-340 for food and drinks which are not included in the programme.

Day 1 Arrive Quito
Day 2 Quito/Floreana Island
Day 3 Floreana Island
Day 4 Floreana Island/Isla Isabela
Day 5 Isla Isabela
Day 6 Isla Isabela/Santa Cruz
Day 7 Santa Cruz
Day 8 Santa Cruz/Quito
Day 9 Depart Quito
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Cox & Kings takes all reasonable measures to ensure your safety and enjoyment while travelling with us. The aim of this document is to give you an insight into ways you may further enhance your own personal safety while abroad.

Places Visited
  • Quito
  • Floreana Island
  • Isla Isabela
  • Santa Cruz Island
  • DAY 1 Arrive Quito

    Arrive at any time.

    If you are not able to attend the welcome meeting, our representative will leave all important information at your hotel's reception indicating what time to be ready the next day. If there is any confusion on arrival, please do not hesitate to call the contact number listed in this dossier.

    Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
    Tonight, the adventure begins. Feel free to explore - but make sure you're back in time to meet your group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your trip. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 2 Quito/Floreana Island

    Fly to the Galapagos Islands and transfer to Puerto Ayora. Enjoy free time to explore the town before taking a speedboat to Floreana Island in the afternoon.

    Fly from Quito to Baltra to meet a G Adventures representative who will assist in getting you from the Baltra airport by bus, ferry, and taxi to Puerto Ayora. Enjoy a bit of free time before taking a speedboat to Floreana Island in the afternoon.

    Private Vehicle
    Quito - Mariscal Sucre International Airport 1h-2h
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Mariscal Sucre International Airport - Seymour Airport4h
    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... yup, it is a plane, actually.

    Local bus
    Seymour Airport - Baltra Ferry Terminal
    Climb aboard, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.

    Baltra Ferry Terminal - Isla Santa Cruz
    Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

    Isla Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora45m
    Jump in the back and tell the driver to step on it, just like they do in the movies.

    Free Time
    Puerto Ayora
    Enjoy free time in Puerto Ayora.

    Puerto Ayora - Floreana Island 2h
    Cut swiftly through the surf en route to the next stop (and hang on to your hat). (Breakfast)

  • DAY 3 Floreana Island

    Enjoy an included snorkelling excursion to Loberia, and visit the highlands of Floreana.

    Loberia Snorkelling Excursion
    Floreana Island
    Snorkel straight off the beach at Loberia, and get up close to the diverse wildlife in the waters around the Galapagos. Please be sure you are a strong swimmer; the water here can be rough and the currents are strong.

    Floreana Highlands Excursion
    Floreana Island
    Head up to the seldom-visited highlands of Floreana. Hear the tales about the pirates, whalers, seal hunters and buccaneers who once lived in this isolated and unique landscape.

    Optional Activities

    Floreana Island
    Tour the waters by kayak and get up close to marine life in the area. Keep an eye out for sea lions, turtles, and more!

    Floreana Island
    Grab your swimsuit and head out for a refreshing swim. After a busy day exploring, what better way to unwind? Ask the CEO to point out the best spots to take a dip! (Lunch,Dinner,Breakfast)

  • DAY 4 Floreana Island/Isla Isabela

    Boat over to Isabela Island, and enjoy visits to Flamingo Lagoon, the Wall of Tears, and the Tortoise Breeding Centre. Opt to go snorkelling, surfing or hit the beach.

    Floreana Island - Isla Isabela2h
    Climb aboard and get your float on.

    Flamingo Lagoon Visit
    Isla Isabela
    Spend some time exploring Isabela's natural attractions. Enjoy a walk to the largest coastal lagoon in the Galapagos, also a principal breeding ground for flamingos. Make stops along the way at a lookout point, and to visit natural pools, beaches, and mangrove swamps.

    Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre Visit
    Isabela Island
    Walk through the town's wetlands to visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre. Pass basking iguanas and flamingos, and head into the forest to see the gentle giants in their natural habitat at this reserve. With the giant tortoise on its way to extinction in the late 1950s, this program was established to protect these noble creatures.

    Wall of Tears Visit
    Isabela Island
    Tour the sombre 'Wall of Tears', a historical site that pays homage to the prisoners of an on-island penal colony, who were forced to build a wall out of huge blocks of lava. Many prisoners died during the wall's construction between 1946 and 1959.

    Optional Activities

    Isla Isabela45m-1h
    Grab your swimsuit, a snorkel, and head out to explore the waters to see what's living under the sea. Try Los Tuneles or the beach at Las Tintoreras (keep an eye out for eagle rays and sea turtles).

    Isla Isabela
    Enjoy a refreshing dip, and be sure to keep an eye out for local marine life. (Breakfast,Dinner)

  • DAY 5 Isla Isabela

    Hike the Sierra Negra Volcano for views from above, then enjoy free time.

    Sierra Negra Volcano Hike
    Isla Isabela
    Hike to the rim of the 10km (6 mi) wide crater of the Sierra Negra volcano, which has the largest basaltic caldera in the Galapagos. Trek across the moon-like landscape of the lava fields and fumaroles, and enjoy spectacular views looking north toward Fernandina and the rest of Isabela Island. The volcano last erupted in October 2005, making it the most recent eruption of the Galapagos.

    Free Time
    Isla Isabela Afternoon
    Enjoy some free time to relax or get active.

    Optional Activities
    Islote Tintoreras Snorkelling

    Isla Isabela
    Go snorkelling at the islet Las Tintoreras, located south of Puerto Villamil - it's the perfect place to glide along watching the magic unfold under the water's surface. Enjoy a small calm turquoise bay to look for the white-tipped reef shark, which are fairly common in the archipelago. (The sharks are called Tintorera in Spanish, which is where the site gets its name.) Keep an eye out for sea lions, sea turtles, marine iguanas, and rays as well as the sharks. (Lunch,Breakfast)

  • DAY 6 Isla Isabela/Santa Cruz

    Transfer by speedboat back to Santa Cruz Island, where home is a camp in the highlands. Enjoy an included visit to Charles Darwin Station. Hike to beautiful Tortuga Bay, and opt to go kayaking or just lounge on the beach.
    Isla Isabela - Santa Cruz 2h Morning
    Climb aboard and get your float on.
    Charles Darwin Research Station Visit
    Puerto Ayora
    Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, a science organization initiated in 1964, which works to preserve the Galapagos ecosystem through the conservation efforts of scientists, researchers, and volunteers. It also provides a study location for international scientists and training for naturalist guides. Tour the exhibition centre to see photo displays of recent volcanic eruptions, charts outlining geological formations, and drawings of the evolutionary development of endemic species.
    The station is also a great place to observe many species of tortoises and land iguanas in captivity, brought back from the brink of extinction. See the famous Galaapagos tortoise up close - a corral houses adult tortoises, and a nursery cares for the young until around age three when their shells have hardened.
    Tortuga Bay Hike
    Santa Cruz
    Enjoy a short walk to the beautiful white beach of Tortuga Bay. Relax on the beach, walk along the mangroves looking for marine iguanas and birdlife, or rent a kayak and explore this marine wonderland. Look for Tintoreras sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays in the water's shallow areas.

    Optional Activities
    Tortuga Bay Kayaking

    Isla Santa Cruz2h-3h
    Grab a life jacket and go for a kayak adventure in the mangroves of Tortuga Bay. Keep an eye out for a wide variety of marine life, including colorful reef fish, rays, and sea turtles, as you paddle the blue waters. Relax after on a beautiful fine white sand beach, and soak up some sun - you may spot some iguanas also trying to catch some rays on the shore. (Dinner,Breakfast)

  • DAY 7 Santa Cruz

    Visit the lava tunnels and see giant tortoises in the highlands. Enjoy an evening in town with the group.
    Lava Tunnels Visit
    Santa Cruz
    Check out Santa Cruz's lava tunnels, massive underground lava tubes found throughout the island that, in some places, extend several kilometres.
    Highlands Giant Tortoises Visit
    Santa Cruz
    Head to Santa Cruz's verdant highlands and the El Chato Reserve, a perfect place to see giant tortoises in their natural environment. Explore the reserve's lagoon and lava tunnels, keeping an eye out for owls that often roost in the tunnels' entrances.

    Free Time
    Santa Cruz Afternoon
    Enjoy free time on Santa Cruz. Go shopping, return to Tortuga Bay or just relax. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 8 Santa Cruz/Quito

    Say goodbye to the Galapagos Islands, and take a morning flight back to Quito. Transfer across the island by public bus to Baltra for the flight back to Quito. Upon arrival in Quito, transfer to the hotel.

    Puerto Ayora - Isla Santa Cruz45m
    Jump in the back and tell the driver to step on it, just like they do in the movies.

    Isla Santa Cruz - Baltra Island15m
    Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

    Local bus
    Baltra Ferry Terminal - Baltra Island15m
    Climb aboard, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.

    Seymour Airport - Mariscal Sucre International Airport4h
    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... yup, it is a plane, actually.

    Private Vehicle
    Mariscal Sucre International Airport - Quito1h-2h
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 9 Depart Quito

    Depart at any time. (Breakfast)

  • Meal basis

    As per itinerary - B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner, N: No meals


    If you have booked this trip or are curious about all of the details, you can download this trip's information as a PDF.

    Please ensure that you print a final copy of your Trip Details to review a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans.

  1. We recommend you to have a meal budget of USD 255-340 for food and drinks which are not included in the programme.

  2. This programme is operated on a Coach tour. Maximum Group size is 16 passengers, at an average there are 12 passengers travelling on this tour.

  3. Itinerary descriptions are guaranteed with the exception of unforeseen conditions which include, but are not limited to, road closures due to weather, acts of God, safety concerns, changes to highway legal restrictions, and acts by third parties beyond the control of Service Provider.

  4. There is no refund for any non-utilization of any services.

  5. All holiday prices are subject to Govt. Service Tax of 5% payable to Govt of India.

  6. At this point of time no services are confirmed and the same is subject to availability.

  7. Request for an early hotel check in or late checkout is at the discretion of the accommodation unless pre-booked and pre-paid in advance.

  8. All payment to be made strictly by cheque / Demand Draft / Direct bank transfer in favour of 'COX AND KINGS LIMITED'.

  9. ADD-ON: This trip can be booked on its own or as an add-on to many of our Galapagos Islands yacht based adventures. Please speak to your sales CEO about how you can mix and match with other programs.

  10. ITINERARY: The itinerary is subject to further changes dependent upon new regulations made by the Galapagos National Park or seasonal points of interest.

  11. GALAPAGOS ISLAND PARK ENTRY FEE: The Ecuadorian government currently levies a Galapagos Islands Park entry fee of $100 USD per person. This is payable at the airport upon arrival in the park. It is not included in the cost of the tour, and must be paid in CASH. This fee funds Park maintenance and supervision in Galapagos, as well as ecological study, conservation and infrastructure development in Ecuador's other National Parks. Entry fees and the funds they generate for the National Park System are among measures taken by the Ecuadorian government to protect its natural heritage.

  12. TRANSIT CONTROL CARDS: The Galapagos National Park authorities have implemented a system of Transit Control Cards at a fee of $20 USD per person. This card is to be purchased in CASH at a counter in the Quito airport before boarding the flight to the Galapagos. Please retain this card along with your passport as you will be required to present this upon arrival to the Galapagos Islands. Please note that this applies to all tourists entering the Galapagos Islands and is a supplement to the existing entry fee to the National Park and is not controlled by tour operators or travel agencies. It is the first of a number of initiatives to track, control and maintain the sustainable tourism targets set out by the Galapagos National Park and the Ecuadorian government in an attempt to preserve the fragile environment of the archipelago.

  13. All travellers are required to pay the tax on domestic flights in Ecuador. Foreign travellers are exempt form this, and proving you are indeed a foreign traveller can be done by providing us with your international ticket number (ITN). Travellers who do not submit international ticket numbers at least 30 days prior to Day 1 of their tour will be required to pay the domestic tax on all included flights.

Please wait as we update your request.

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