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Dream In Ecuador

  • Quito

    The capital of Ecuador, Quito is exhilarating. Take to the walkways and explore the Old Town. Weave your way through narrow lanes and discover the Jesuit Church La Campania. Visit the bustling Mitad del Mundo, stop by the Virgin Mary Statue and get onto the lofty Teleferico Cruz Loma!

  • South Plaza Island

    Experience a brilliant contrast of turquoise waters and white sands. Chase after bright orange crabs, explore green prickly-pear cactus groves and observe yellow-grey land iguanas ramble about. Photograph swallow-tailed gulls, red-billed tropical birds and blue-footed boobies riding the wind currents! Head to North Seymour and watch sea lions fight the surf to haul themselves onto the beach

  • Cotopaxi

    One of the most famous volcanoes in the country, Cotopaxi breaks from volcano tradition to sport beautiful snow cover. The massif features one of the few glaciers to be found along the equator. You can mountain-bike, ride a horse at Hacienda El Porvenir and go bird watching at Limpiopungo Lake.

  • Chinese Hat Island

    White sand, volcanic rubble, lava formations and lava tubes come together in this small island paradise. Watch sea lions and Sally lightfoot crabs amicably go about their days work. Jump into clear waters and snorkel with marine life. Spend an afternoon at Las Bachas beach and explore the nesting site of the Pacific Green Sea Turtle!

  • Cuenca

    With a history that spans centuries, every turn in this UNESCO World Heritage Site will reveal something new. Visit the majestic Cuenca Cathedral, photograph the city's famed overhanging houses and munch away at cakes and pastries from Marisol. Visit the Mirador de Turi and grab a quick drink at La Mesa before you retire for the night.

  • Swim with Sea Lions

    Plan ahead for a cruise across the Galapagos Islands. Whether you travel to South Plaza, North Seymour or Espanola, a long swim in the clear waters in a must! Snorkel around Champion Islet and find yourself surrounded by swarms of inquisitive Sea Lions. Play hide and seek with these magnificent animals and watch them copy your every step.

  • Stand on the Equator

    A visit to Quito offers one a unique experience: straddling the middle of the world! Walk around, photograph and watch everyone else take turns to stand on the Equator. Make sure to spot the real deal, though, and not get sidelined by the larger monument marking the wrong line a hundred meters away!

  • Explore the Amazon

    Find your way through one of the most exotic rainforests in the world. Go for a canoe ride across small creeks, fish for piranhas, spot those massive alligators and visit the local dwelling of the aborigines. Soak in the sights of one of this magnificent natural wonder and feel the beat of the jungle sooth you!

  • Family Tours

    You, the kids and nature at her best!

    Our Family Tours are meant for adventurous couples who wish to share their spirit of adventure with their little ones. Choose a Family Tour and you'll get authentic and educational trips with short travel times and the safety of group travel.

  • National Geographic Journeys

    Our National Geographic Journeys are deeper explorations into the cultures and habitats of the planet's destinations. These unique tours combine more inclusions, hands-on exploration, interaction with experts such as marine biologists and historians, and time to explore on your own. All of it within the safety and fabric of a G Adventures small group tour.

  • YOLO Tours

    You Only Live Once, so live fast, live free!

    Our YOLO Tours reflect fast, fresh and fun adventures that never slow down. Designed for young, budget-minded travellers, you can maximise your time and money with small groups, insider access and personal freedom to follow spontaneous adventures to get the most out of a destination. You Only Live Once, make it count!

  • Classic Tours

    Authentic and down-to-earth!

    Our Classic tours offer small-group (up to 12 travellers per departure) travel experiences for the culture-hungry. Each tour delivers an excellent balance of must-see travel highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access and under-the-radar encounters with local people and their culture. Each group is accompanied by a Chief Experience Offer (CEO) with the promise of character-rich accommodation, local transportation and authentic, regional cuisine.

  • Marine Tours

    Sail the seas, conquer the river, ride the ocean

    Our Marine adventures span the world's great seas and rivers, the remote corners of the Earth, the wonders of the Galápagos, the Amazon, beautiful Greek Islands and other great places best accessed by boat. Choose your destination and how you want to travel, we can get you there on a small ship, an exclusive yacht or a catamaran.

  • Active Tours

    If your genes were made for walking

    Think walking is the best way to explore a destination? We've got just the trips for you! Our Active hikes and treks span pleasant mountains walks and mettle-testing challenges like Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas. Whether you're eager to push your limits or just want to look down from some of the world's greatest heights, we've got you covered!

  • Comfort Tours

    Adventures with extra frills

    Are you looking for genuine experiences and spontaneous situations, without roughing it out? Our Comfort tours are just what you need. Upgraded accommodations and more inclusions with plenty of freedom to pursue spontaneous situations on your own. Perfect for families with young ones, couples on an adventurous honeymoon, older travellers and just about everyone else too!

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