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Dream In Egypt


  • Alexandria
  • Aswan
  • Luxor
  • Cairo

Places to explore

The Land of the Pharaohs is still resplendent with some of its former glory blessed as it is with stunning landscapes and an incredibly warm and hospitable people, not to mention its magnificent ancient relics and structures and the glorious River Nile. Travel back in time!

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Must have Experiences

Step out of your comfort zone and into the warm embrace of Egyptian culture. Share some local fare with a native, shop at vibrant local markets and experience the adventure of rides unlike any other. And that's just when you're not learning to make mummies of your very own!

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Travel Styles

What kind of traveller are you? Are you looking for fast-paced adventure? Something a little more comfortable? Would you prefer a private group experience? A marine adventure? Whatever your travel styles, we've got a Travel Style for everyone.

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