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Dream In Russia

  • Moscow

    Take in the sights of this 860 year old capital of Russia from the famous Kremlin to the Armoury Chamber filled with treasured gifts to the Royals or any of the several museums as you discover quiet streets, navigate through noisy markets and walk down the grand empire style pavilions.

  • Suzdal

    Travel back in time to the old days of Russia with quiet streets, a slow pace of life, white Kremlin walls and highly decorated wooden houses as you explore this charming town and what used to be the capital of European Russia in the 11th century.

  • Rostov

    Take a guided tour of the amazing War of 1812 Museum and gain great insight into the rich history of Russia or simply stroll along the shores of the beautiful Nero Lake as you make your way through this quaint town where life moves at a gentle pace and old traditions are still practiced.

  • Yaroslavi

    Explore several churches, art and history museums and even a monastery in this ancient Russian town located at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosi rivers. Don't miss a visit to the charming music and time museum.

  • St. Petersburg

    Get ready to experience true enchantment as the history, architecture and sheer vibe of this opulent sprawling city, often called the 'Paris of Russia', weaves its charms around you. A visit to the famous Hermitage museum is a must.

  • Try A Banya

    Sweat it out in a traditional Russian sauna, called banya. Get the authentic experience by purchasing a 'switch'- a group of leafy twigs tied together that are said to have healing and preventive properties - and whipping yourself gently with it while in the sauna.

  • Stay Awake Through A White Night

    If you're lucky enough to be in St. Petersburg in June, be sure to experience a 'white night' when the sun barely sets and darkness descends on the city for a mere few hours. Nightlife, like never before!

  • Ride The World’s Deepest Subway

    Descend into the depths of the city as you hop onto Russia's excellent metro system that goes between St. Petersburg and Leningrad. At its deepest, you'll find yourself 86m below the ground!

  • Travel By Trans-Siberian Railway

    Experience a ride on the longest railroad in the world as you start your journey in Moscow and make your way through Russia to either Beijing or Vladivostok. Enjoy your alone time or make acquaintances along the way. A ride of a lifetime!

  • Rail Tours

    Rail travel--because some things never go out of style!

    Our Rail Tours are designed for young, budget-minded travellers, who wish to combine must-see highlights, insider access, freeform exploration, and life-altering encounters with local people and culture you'd expect from small-group travel with the ease and efficiency of train travel.

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