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Dream In Iceland

  • Reykjavik

    Take a dip in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, comb through the local craft shops and party at one of the late-night restaurants. Then visit the Golden Circle and the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall. Geysir and Strokkur are two natural geysers in Reykjavik, which also has Thingvellir National Park and Eldvorp, a row of craters used for practice in moon landings!

  • Alftavatn

    Alftavatn is an awe-inspiring decorative lake. Hike through the highlands from Landmannalaugar, cross numerous streams and rivers, and follow the Laugavegur Trail, one of the country's most famous hiking routes. Go fishing for lake char, large sea trout and the elusive salmon.

  • Solheimajokull glacier

    Walk behind the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, stop by the black sand beaches and continue on to Solheimajokull glacier. Visit the infamous Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and the Iceland Erupts exhibition at the Poravaldseyri Visitor centre to witness the dramatic history of volcanism in Iceland. Then set out in search of shy puffin and razorbill birds at Ingolfshofdi Cape and take an ice walk on Falljokull Glacier, part of Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier.

  • Akureyri

    This picturesque town has a magnificent fjord, winding streets and unique buildings. Spend time in the town centre, the Listagilio or visit the botanical gardens. Then head north to Husavik, the whale capital of Iceland for a whale-watching excursion. The Godafoss waterfalls are a spectacular natural wonder in a horseshoe canyon that should also be part of your visit here.

  • Dive between tectonic plates

    running under the Silfra, this rift between the North American and Eurasian continental plates offers an experience like no other. Dive into the clear waters, look into the very depths of the earth and journey to the centre of our world. If you aren't dive-certified, visit the Thingvellir National Park and walk right through the rift itself!

  • Experience the Northern Lights

    Winter nights in Iceland bring a surreal experience; a rippling colour and light show across the sky like no other. While many set out to see this, the weather conditions have to be just right to enjoy the magnificent Northern Lights. Looming over the rugged landscape, staring at the Northern Lights can give you a pleasant case of gooseflesh!

  • Hiking through Iceland

    Take advantage of the extensive network of backcountry routes or set out for a short, easy hike across the highlands. Start from Alftavatn, all the way to Emstrur as you follow the iconic Laugavagur Trail. Try your hand at dogsledding on a glacier and kayak in a fjord. You can also spend the night at one of the many mountain huts around Alftavatn lake and get lost in the magnificent landscape.

  • Whale-watching

    No trip will be complete without an expedition to see the world's largest mammals! Get on at Reykjavik and try your luck spotting Minke and humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises. No matter what the outcome, the unique northern wildlife will surely leave you lost for words!

  • National Geographic Journeys

    Our National Geographic Journeys are deeper explorations into the cultures and habitats of the planet's destinations. These unique tours combine more inclusions, hands-on exploration, interaction with experts such as marine biologists and historians, and time to explore on your own. All of it within the safety and fabric of a G Adventures small group tour.

  • Classic Tours

    Authentic and down-to-earth!

    Our Classic tours offer small-group (up to 12 travellers per departure) travel experiences for the culture-hungry. Each tour delivers an excellent balance of must-see travel highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access and under-the-radar encounters with local people and their culture. Each group is accompanied by a Chief Experience Offer (CEO) with the promise of character-rich accommodation, local transportation and authentic, regional cuisine.

  • Marine Tours

    Sail the seas, conquer the river, ride the ocean

    Our Marine adventures span the world's great seas and rivers, the remote corners of the Earth, the wonders of the Galápagos, the Amazon, beautiful Greek Islands and other great places best accessed by boat. Choose your destination and how you want to travel, we can get you there on a small ship, an exclusive yacht or a catamaran.

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