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Dream In Greece

  • Athens

    The capital of Greece, Athens is a lively city filled with chic cafes, lush parks and some of the most important ancient ruins in the country including the Acropolis, the Agora, the Stoa of Zeus, the Temple of Apollo, the Altar of the Twelve Gods, the Odeon of Agrippa.

  • Meteora

    Literally meaning 'suspended in air', Meteora in central Greece, consists of six monasteries, each spectacularly situated atop rock pillars. Before, access to the monasteries was confined to long rope ladders and windlasses. Thankfully today, you can climb up steps hewn in the rock surface.

  • Islands

    Choose from over 60 islands, each more beautiful than the next, for your island hopping adventure. Tourist favourites include Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. Look forward to wild nightlife, warm beaches, charming towns and of course, some stunning ancient relics.

  • Historical Sites

    Pay homage to four millennia of history in Greece as you explore its ancient sites dotted all over the country. Important ones include the town of Mystras, the theatre at Delphi and Epidavros, ancient Olympia, Knossos and the temple of Poseidon.

  • Beaches

    Greece is renowned for the quality of its beaches with soft white sand and brilliant blue waters. Visit the gorgeous beaches in Santorini and Mynokos, the Kamari and Kefalos bay and Myrtos (this one's been voted as the best beach in Greece a record 12 times)!

  • Samaria Gorge Hike

    A walk through this spectacular 16 km long canyon in Crete can take anywhere between 4-7 hours and every step promises to be memorable! It passesthrough ancient cypress and pine forests before cutting between vertical cliffs to emerge at Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea.

  • Sail Away

    Explore the beautiful Greek islands by sea! Grab a sail boat and cruise between Santorini and Mykonas as you enjoy clear sapphire waters, historical ruins, whitewashed villages, lively Greek culture and mouth-watering cuisine.

  • Visit A Museum

    With all that history and culture packed into one nation, it comes as no surprise that Greek museums have some amazing collections of antiquity. Topping the list is the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, one of the most important museums in the world!

  • Learn A Greek Folk Dance

    The Greeks are a lively bunch and really know how to enjoy life. Greek Folk Dance Nights are held in a variety of places, so get your knees high and your hands clapping as you shake a leg with the locals!

  • Marine Tours

    Sail the seas, conquer the river, ride the ocean

    Our Marine adventures span the world's great seas and rivers, the remote corners of the Earth, the wonders of the Galápagos, the Amazon, beautiful Greek Islands and other great places best accessed by boat. Choose your destination and how you want to travel, we can get you there on a small ship, an exclusive yacht or a catamaran.

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