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Dream In Central America

  • Cloud Forests

    The cloud forests of Costa Rica are as exciting as they are unpredictable. Monteverde, San Gerardo de Dota and Bajos del Toro are highlights of your exploration. Trek through jungle highways, photograph the Swallow-tailed Kite or the Piratic Flycatcher and feast your eyes on a magical view. Make time to stay at one of the many lodges in Santa Elena, surrounded by clouds and an untamed jungle canopy.

  • Volcanoes

    From Costa Rica to Nicaragua, a Central American adventure holiday allows you to skirt around the unpredictable side of nature. Must-see wonders include the Santa Maria volcano, the Volcan de Fuego or the Masaya Volcano. Walk around the crater of a volcano which erupted years ago, dare yourself to hike up its banks to the unfettered raw power below.

  • Beaches

    While a sandy getaway is available easily, unfiltered beauty is hard to come by. With locations like Ambergris Caye, Barra de Santiago and Bocas del Toro, your experience is sure to go up a notch. Relax, get that holiday tan, kick back with a Pina Colada or go shopping for that lucky Tiki idol!

  • Islands

    Whether you head to Cuba or Puerto Rico a trip to the Caribbean islands is a must. Go snorkelling and scuba diving in the azure waters of Ambergris Caye, live it up with the locals of San Pedro Town, sample some flying fish or enjoy a cycling trip through the winding roads of Roatan. Whatever the choice, your adventure holiday in Central America is sure to deliver!

  • Hills And Mountains

    Rife a mountain-bike through Mayan territories or brisk walk through tea and coffee plantations in the mountains of Guatemala. You can even cycle through the scenic San Juan hills in Cuba and discover something new at every turn. Jamaica's mountain retreats like Zimbali and Sunset are also must-sees, where the "jerk" chicken or pork merge with a wondrous landscape.

  • Yucatan

    Get a real taste of Central America as you swim in cenotes, dive into the deep blue Caribbean, explore coral reefs and underground caves or walk through the magical Izamal. If all the travel tires you out, take a sunset cruise on the tranquil waters off Isla Mujere and let go of all your stress!

  • Enjoy Water Sports

    Go waterfall rappelling in Arsenal or La Fortuna in Costa Rica and camp behind the cascading waters. Snorkel in Bonaire and Saona to discover the Giant Oceanic Manta Ray and the Parrotfish. Jump into a canoe deep in the jungles of Belize while exploring the Macal River. With a host of options, immerse yourself in the rich natural heritage of this destination.

  • Greet The Mayans

    Walk through lost cities that are shrouded in mystical jungle mists! Sites like the Lubaantun Ruins and Caracol Ruins in Belize are diamonds in the rough worth visiting. These ancient marvels bring along a sense of history that is unrivalled. From Lake Atitlan to Chichen Itza, embrace the Mayan culture as it was.

  • Kick Back On The Beaches

    Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama are just a few coastal paradises that you can sample. Whether you choose to sail the calm waters or relaxing on a warm beach, a Central American adventure tour will be incomplete without its essence. From Jamaican cocktails to dancing the salsa in Mexico, fun takes on a new face!

  • Click The Wildlife

    Whether it's the playful Capuchin monkey, the blue and yellow Macaw, lethal crocodiles or lightning fast jaguars, the dense forests of Central America promise a wild adventure. Whether you're 'ziplining' across treetops, visiting the Galapagos Islands or hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, the diversity will leave you breathless.

  • The Day Of The Dead

    Take part in a festival that celebrates the lives of people who have died with a huge party! Walk the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico, have a picnic lunch in cemeteries, eat candy skulls, marvel at painted faces, bargain for skeleton dolls and make sure you enjoy a fest like no other!

  • Meet The Rastafarians

    Jamaica's original inhabitants can take you through a cultural experience that you've only heard and read. Visit their native villages, share in their cultural beliefs with songs, beat the drums and live life the Rasta way! You can end the day by heading to one of the many eateries like Rick's Cafe, which offer a bird's eye view at the magnificent sunset as well as the daily performances of madcap divers, who tackle plunges from heights of up to 100 feet!

  • National Geographic Journeys

    Our National Geographic Journeys are deeper explorations into the cultures and habitats of the planet's destinations. These unique tours combine more inclusions, hands-on exploration, interaction with experts such as marine biologists and historians, and time to explore on your own. All of it within the safety and fabric of a G Adventures small group tour.

  • YOLO Tours

    You Only Live Once, so live fast, live free!

    Our YOLO Tours reflect fast, fresh and fun adventures that never slow down. Designed for young, budget-minded travellers, you can maximise your time and money with small groups, insider access and personal freedom to follow spontaneous adventures to get the most out of a destination. You Only Live Once, make it count!

  • Classic Tours

    Authentic and down-to-earth!

    Our Classic tours offer small-group (up to 12 travellers per departure) travel experiences for the culture-hungry. Each tour delivers an excellent balance of must-see travel highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access and under-the-radar encounters with local people and their culture. Each group is accompanied by a Chief Experience Offer (CEO) with the promise of character-rich accommodation, local transportation and authentic, regional cuisine.

  • Comfort Tours

    Adventures with extra frills

    Are you looking for genuine experiences and spontaneous situations, without roughing it out? Our Comfort tours are just what you need. Upgraded accommodations and more inclusions with plenty of freedom to pursue spontaneous situations on your own. Perfect for families with young ones, couples on an adventurous honeymoon, older travellers and just about everyone else too!

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