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Mayan Discovery

15 Days, Cancun to Playa Del Carmen
Mayan Discovery

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Mayan ruins peeking out from verdant jungle, street vendors hawking their wares on colonial streets, pristine white-sand beaches sparkling under the Caribbean sun-now thi read more...

    • Think local transport—buses, taxis, trains the most colourful way to travel
    • Enjoy travelling with a like minded mix of couples, friends and solo travellers, from the world over
    • Like the idea of staying in character-rich accommodations that reflect the culture of the places you visit
What's Included
  • Overseas Medical Insurance for the duration of the tour (Sum of US$ 2,50,000 covered).
  • 14 night's accommodation (Simple hotels (14 nts).
  • 1 breakfast, 1 dinner.
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities (Public bus, private van, boat, taxi, walking).
  • Chichen Itza guided tour
  • Merida orientation walk
  • Palenque guided tour
  • Tikal guided tour
  • Caye Caulker Stay
  • Beach time in Playa del Carmen
  • Services of Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout the tour.
Please ensure that you print a final copy of your trip details provided by Cox & Kings as pdf format.
Important Notes
This programme is operated on a Coach tour. Maximum Group size is 16 passengers, at an average there are 12 passengers travelling on this tour.
Day 1 Arrive Cancun
Day 2 Cancun/Merida
Day 3 Merida
Day 4 Merida/Palenque
Day 5 Palenque
Day 6 Palenque/Lacanja
Day 7 Lacanja/San Jose
Day 8 San Jose
Day 9 San Jose/San Ignacio
Day 10 San Ignacio
Day 11 San Ignacio/Caye Caulker
Day 12 Caye Caulker
Day 13 Caye Caulker/Playa del Carmen
Day 14 Playa del Carmen
Day 15 Depart at any time.
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Cox & Kings takes all reasonable measures to ensure your safety and enjoyment while travelling with us. The aim of this document is to give you an insight into ways you may further enhance your own personal safety while abroad.

Places Visited
  • Cancun
  • Merida
  • Palenque
  • Lacanja
  • San Jose Del Cabo
  • San Ignacio
  • Caye Caulker
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • DAY 1 Arrive Cancun

    There are no planned activities before an evening welcome meeting.

    Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
    Tonight, the adventure begins. Feel free to explore - but make sure you're back in time to meet your group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your trip. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 2 Cancun/Merida

    Travel to Merida, stopping en route for a guided tour of Chichen Itza. Enjoy an orientation walk of Merida.

    Stop for a guided tour of the popular Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. Explore this famous site, known for its huge stepped pyramids and elaborate stone carvings.

    Continue on to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan State. Follow your CEO on an orientation walk to get the lay of the land.

    First-class bus (Cancun - Chichen-Itza 2h)
    Ride on in style aboard a bus so roomy and comfortable you may not want to get off. This is not your grandmother's public bus.

    Chichen Itza Guided Tour
    Chichen-Itza 2h
    Spend the afternoon with a local expert and learn about the history of Chichen Itza and the beliefs and rituals that defined this ancient Mayan civilization. This dramatic site includes a 30m (98 ft) high temple, known as the Pyramid of Kukulcan, famous for its balustrade of 91 stairs up each of the four sides, a ball court with a grandstand, and towering walls. Visit the highlights of the site including the famous Castillo, the ball court, the cenote, and the Nunnery.

    First-class bus (Chichen-Itza - Merida 3h)
    Ride on in style aboard a bus so roomy and comfortable you may not want to get off. This is not your grandmother's public bus.

    Orientation Walk
    Enjoy a brief walk with the CEO, designed to orient you with useful places in new destinations like supermarkets, main squares, and ATMs. For more specific or in depth destination information, an official guided tour is recommended. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 3 Merida

    Opt to visit ruins of Uxmal or three cenotes (underground pools) in the nearby town of Cuzama.

    Opt to visit ruins of Uxmal, ride the PUUC Route, go bird-watching in Celestun, hit the beach in Progreso, visit cenotes in the nearby town of Cuzama, or walk around town and soak in all of the history this city has to offer.

    Free Time
    Merida Full Day

    Head out and explore.

    Optional Activities
    Uxmal Ruins Visit
    Uxmal Ruins 8h-9h
    Founded in 700 AD, magical Uxmal was once home to as many as 25,000 Mayans. Located 62km (38 mi) south of Merida, in Yucatan's Puuc ("hill" or "chain of low mountains") region, this UNESCO World Heritage Centre represents the pinnacle of late Maya art and architecture. Wander the site, see the Pyramid of the Magician, and visit nearby Kabah, one of three neighbouring sites.

    Cuzama Cenote Visit
    Merida 5h-7h
    25-45 USD per person
    Hop into a horsecart to ride old rails to the entrance of an underground sinkhole. Swim in crystal-blue mineral water inside this limestone cave. Come prepared with your swimsuit so you can dive in and enjoy. The clarity of the water and depth of cenotes makes swimming a unique experience.

    Celestun Bird Watching
    Celestun 8h-9h
    Drive approx 2 hrs to Celestun and take a boat ride in search of pink flamingos and other birds in the Parque Natural del Flamenco Mexicano (or Celestun Biosphere Reserve). This wetland is the winter home to flocks of thousands of flamingos, as well as herons, ducks, and pelicans; more than 200 species migrate or live here year-round. Celestun is also a hatching ground for endangered sea turtles.

    Day Trip to Progreso Beach
    Progreso 8h-9h
    Roughly an hour drive from Merida, Progreso is a perfect spot for relaxing on the beach or strolling along the boardwalk. Stop along the way at the Dzibichaltun archaeological site. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 4 Merida/Palenque

    Travel day to Palenque in the lush dense jungle of Chiapas.

    First-class bus (Merida - Palenque 9h-10h 620km)
    Ride on in style aboard a bus so roomy and comfortable you may not want to get off. This is not your grandmother's public bus. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 5 Palenque

    Enjoy a guided tour of the Mayan ruins of Palenque. Opt to visit Agua Azul or Misol-Ha waterfalls or explore the jungle on a hike.

    Take a guided tour of the ruins of Palenque. Later, choose from one of the many optional activities in the area.

    The famous Agua Azul and Misol-Ha waterfalls are approx. 45 minutes away from Palenque and are both well worth a visit. The 35m- (115 ft) high Misol-Ha waterfall is set in the middle of lush jungle, with smaller falls just inside a nearby cave. Take a break from the heat with a swim in the stunning naturally formed pools at the waterfalls of Agua Azul, located just 15 mins from Misol-Ha.

    Palenque Ruins Guided Tour
    Palenque Morning
    Experience the elegant jungle site of Palenque on a guided tour. See the highlights -- the Temple of the Cross Group, Temple of Inscriptions and the Grand Palace. Howler monkeys sound in the distance as the fog rolls in and out of this mystical site, one of the most important centres for trade and culture during the end of the Classic Maya period.

    Free Time
    Palenque Afternoon

    Don't waste a minute, get out and explore.

    Optional Activities
    Misol-Ha Waterfalls Visit
    Misol-Ha 1h 30m - 2h
    Enjoy a swim at the beautiful Misol-Ha waterfall. Its name comes from the Mayan phrase "streaming water". Surrounded by green vines and moss-covered boulders, this is the place to relax, renew and remember why you love spending time in nature.

    Agua Azul Visit
    Agua Azul 3h - 4h
    20 USD per person
    Agua Azul is a series of waterfalls that cascade through the Chiapas jungle for several kilometers. During the dry season, this waterfall has an especially intense sapphire blue colour due to its high mineral content. Bring your swim suit if you want to go for a dip. Shop for handicrafts and grab some lunch at nearby restaurants.

    Jungle Trail Hike
    Palenque 2h - 2h 30m
    20 USD per person
    Only two percent of the ruins in the Mayan capital of Palenque are out in the open. Follow a local guide into the jungle along a trail, visit ruins that are now overgrown with moss and vines. Learn about the wildlife and different medicinal trees and plants that grow in and around the Usumancinta River of this mountainous forest area of Chiapas.

    Roberto Barrios Waterfalls and Barbecue
    Palenque 5h-6h
    35-50 USD per person
    Visit the Zapatista community of Roberto Barrios, Chiapas and have an optional local barbecue. After chowing down, have a swim and explore the cascading waterfall. If it hasn't rained for a few days, you will be astonished how refreshing the light blue water can get. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 6 Palenque/Lacanja

    Travel day from Palenque to Lacanja through the jungle of Chiapas.

    Lacanja Chansayab is the largest Lacandon Maya village. It is located deep in the jungle with the Lacanja River flowing nearby.

    A perfect starting off point for jungle hikes and excursions to the Mayan ruins of Yaxchilan and Bonampak, this little village is not on the traditional tourist trail.

    Private Vehicle (Palenque - Lacanja 4h 240km)
    While drive time is roughly 4 hrs, there are optional stops and activities along the way.

    Optional Activities
    Yaxchilan and Bonampak Ruins
    Palenque 11h-12h
    70 USD per person
    Climb aboard a boat launch from Frontera Corozal along the Guatemala border, float along the Usumacinta River and arrive at Yaxchilan, one of the least crowded and best preserved Mayan sites in Mexico. This large Classic centre is known for its well-preserved sculptured stone lintels stelae etched in hieroglyphics.

    Next, visit Bonampak, a smaller site 30km (19 mi) to the south, known for the quality of its ancient fresco murals, painted in a single session while the plaster was moist. The excursion includes breakfast, lunch and the transportation, but a local guide will be extra.

    Explore the gentle class II+ waters of the Usumacinta River by raft. Spot howler monkeys, macaws and toucans in this remote jungle setting. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 7 Lacanja/San Jose

    Journey through the jungle via van, boat and bus to San Jose, Peten. Explore Lake Peten Itza, and the island of Flores.

    Cross from Mexico into Guatemala by boat on the Usumacinta River before travelling by bus to San Jose, Peten, which enjoys a scenic setting on Lake Peten Itza. Explore Lake Peten Itza.

    Private Vehicle (Lacanja - Frontera Corozal 45m-1h)
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

    Border Crossing (Mexico - Guatemala) (Frontera Corozal - Cooperativa Agricola Bethel 1h - 1h 30m)
    Pay the Mexican exit fee and board a boat for a 30 min ride upriver. Drive by van for 10 mins to the immigration and customs booth in Guatemala. Pay the entrance fee there and continue on to a new country.

    Private Vehicle (Cooperativa Agricola Bethel - San Jose 4h-5hAfternoon)
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Optional Activities
    Lake Peten Itza Boat Tour
    Lago Peten Itza 1h 30m - 2h 30m
    12 USD per person 40 USD per group
    Enjoy a calm boat ride around Lake Peten Itza. Stop for a swim and climb to the lookout that sits above the small archaeological site of Tayasal. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 8 San Jose

    Learn about Mayan culture and history on a guided tour of Tikal archaeological site. Relax on Lake Peten Itza with a boat cruise or a swim.

    Tikal Ruins Guided Tour
    Tikal 7-15km
    Put on your walking shoes and prepare for a tiring but memorable day walking through history at the impressive site of Tikal. The Mayan site is set in the heart of the jungle, in Tikal National Park, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Along with our bilingual guide, see some of the temples, plazas, carved stone monuments and public squares, more than 3,000 buildings in all, dating from 600 BC to 900 AD. Climb to the top of Temple IV, catch your breath, take photos and then sit and contemplate the magnificence of the site and the tropical rainforest beyond. Look for monkeys, anteaters, armadillos and deer, as well as macaws and eagles, snakes and spiders. Poke a stick in one of the holes you see in the grass and watch a tarantula grab hold. Cool!

    Free Time
    San Jose Afternoon
    Enjoy the area around the lake.

    Optional Activities
    Lake Peten Itza Boat Tour
    Lago Peten Itza 1h 30m - 2h 30m
    12 USD per person 40 USD per group
    Enjoy a calm boat ride around Lake Peten Itza. Stop for a swim and climb to the lookout that sits above the small archaeological site of Tayasal. (Dinner)

  • DAY 9 San Jose/San Ignacio

    Travel from San Jose to San Ignacio, Belize. Make a plan to explore the area.

    Continue on to Belize, a country with a decidedly Caribbean flavour. The relaxed atmosphere of San Ignacio allows for options including horseback riding, canoeing, caving, or exploring the Mountain Pine Ridge area.

    Private Vehicle (San Jose - Melchor de Mencos 2h-3h Morning 95km)
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

    Border Crossing (Guatemala - Belize) (Melchor de Mencos - Benque Viejo del Carmen 30m-1h 30m)
    Pay the Guatemalan exit fee and walk on over to Belize.

    Private Vehicle (Benque Viejo del Carmen - San Ignacio 30m-45m 13km)
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 10 San Ignacio

    Enjoy free time to visit the sacred Mayan cave, Actun Tunichil Muknal, explore the Mountain Pine Ridge area or see the lesser-known Mayan ruins of Xunantunich or Caracol.

    Optional acitivities abound around San Ignacio. Choose to see the Mountain Pine Ridge area or take a day trip to the astounding Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. Explore the cave's water systems using a helmet and headlamp. An experienced local guide will provide insight into the fascinating practices of the ancient Maya.

    Alternatively, opt for a trip to the impressive Maya ceremonial centre of Xunantunich. Getting there includes crossing a narrow river by a hand-cranked ferry.

    Free Time
    San Ignacio Full Day
    Don't waste time-get exploring.

    Optional Activities
    Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve Visit
    Mountain Pine Ridge 3h-4h
    75 USD per person
    The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve covers almost 500 square km (310 square miles) and only controlled logging is allowed. Interesting stops include Hidden Valley Falls, a spectacular waterfall dropping more than 300m (984 ft) over the granite edge of the jungle. Further along, you will cross the Rio On and a climb over an assortment of worn boulders and rocks that will bring you to a delightful site with waterfalls and several warm water pools. The area is also renowned for its system of caves, the biggest and most famous being the Rio Frio Cave. With its enormous arched entryway into the kilometre-long cave, this river cave is the largest in Belize. A day trip to the ridge can easily be arranged in San Ignacio.

    Day Trip to Xunantunich
    Xunantunich 2h-4h
    5 USD per person
    Hike to the top of this impressive 9th century Maya centre, set high on a natural limestone ridge, and admire the view of the Mopan River, Cayo District and neighbouring Guatemalan countryside. The tallest temple, El Castillo, is partially excavated and exploredn and there's a unique stucco frieze on the east side of the structure. Discover why Xunantunich is Belize's most visited Mayan site with intricately carved stellae, 25 temples and well-preserved palaces.

    Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Visit
    Actun Tunichil Muknal 6h-8h
    90 USD per person
    The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave has only been open to the public since 1998. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see up to 1400 artifacts, including pottery, tools and vessels used by the Maya from 1-1000 AD. Hike 45 min to the cave entrance, wade/swim through deep pools, past calcite formations, to explore this damp, dark place of ritual and sacrifice. With a helmet and headlamp, see the skeleton of the "Crystal Maiden", a young girl whose bones have calcified over the past 1,100 years, making them appear to sparkle. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 11 San Ignacio/Caye Caulker

    Travel to Caye Caulker and enjoy the tropical paradise. Rent a bike and organize activities for the next day.

    Caye Caulker is a relaxed and easy going island with friendly and welcoming local residents. Snorkel and dive boats leave daily for full- or half-day outings to the reef, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Blue Hole and for manatee spotting tours.

    Try your hand fishing and be rewarded with a fresh catch, then barbecue it on the beach.

    Local bus (San Ignacio - Belize City 3h-4h 123km)
    Climb aboard, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.

    Water taxi (Belize City - Caye Caulker 45m-1h 39km)
    Jump in and cross the water to the next stop.

    Free Time
    Caye Caulker Afternoon
    Start exploring paradise.

    Optional Activities
    Bike Rental
    Caye Caulker 1h-72h
    7-30 USD per person
    Rent a bike from any one of the many grocery stores on Caye Caulker and cycle around the island out to the split and back. It's a great way to get some exercise and see the sights on this laid-back island. Don't forget to bring water and wear lots of sunscreen. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 12 Caye Caulker

    Spend the day exploring Caye Caulker and the marine life in the area.

    Opt to snorkel with stingrays, nurse sharks, and green turtles at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, go diving in Blue Hole National Park, take a flight over the Blue Hole and coral reef, rent a bike, or just chill out, Belizean style.

    Free Time
    Caye Caulker Full Day
    Get active or get lazy-the choice is yours.

    Optional Activities
    Blue Hole National Park Flight
    Caye Caulker 1h-1h30m
    180-575 USD per person 575-870 USD per group
    Charge up your camera batteries and take flight over the crystal clear waters off Belize. Take off from Caye Caulker airstrip in a small plane and observe the incredible Blue Hole national monument from above. Made famous by underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, this limestone sinkhole is 300m (1000 ft) in diameter and was formed more than a million years ago.

    Blue Hole National Monument Dive
    Caye Caulker 11h-12h
    210 USD per person
    Channel your inner Jacques Cousteau and dive the Great Blue Hole, ranked by the Discovery Channel as their top choice for "most amazing place on earth". This giant limestone sinkhole, 300m (1000 ft) in diameter and 124m (407 ft) deep, was formed more than a million years ago and is now part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geared to open water and advanced divers, see Midnight Parrotfish and Caribbean reef sharks and interesting rock formations, including stalactites which formed before the area was submerged by the sea.

    Bike Rental
    Caye Caulker 1h-72h
    7-30 USD per person
    Rent a bike from any one of the many grocery stores on Caye Caulker and cycle around the island out to the split and back. It's a great way to get some exercise and see the sights on this laid-back island. Don't forget to bring water and wear lots of sunscreen.

    Caye Caulker 4h-8h
    200-600 USD per group
    Cast a line and see what you can reel in. Fish for snapper, barracuda, horse-eye jack and more. Bring your catch to any local restaurant and have them gut and grill it just for you. Buy the rest of dinner and some drinks and enjoy! It doesn't get any fresher than this.

    Guided Kayak Trip
    Caye Caulker 2h30m-3h
    25 USD per person
    Follow a guide on a sea kayak tour around the southern portion of Caye Caulker. Paddle around the mangroves and try to spot some of the unique wildlife in the area.

    Sunset Sailing Boat Tour
    Caye Caulker
    35 USD per person
    Set sail just before sunset. Relax with reggae music and rum punch, snack on shrimp ceviche and snap a few photos as you sail around the island as the sun sets to the west of Caye Caulker. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 13 Caye Caulker/Playa del Carmen

    Full travel day to reach Playa del Carmen, the last stop of the adventure.

    Head to Playa del Carmen, located on the beach just a 45-minute drive south of Cancun. Enjoy some nightlife, buy last minute souvenirs and relax and swim in the Caribbean.

    Just off the coast is the island of Cozumel, renowned for its world-class diving. Take the ferry from Playa del Carmen (30-75 mins depending on the boat) across the turquoise waters and explore the towns and the reefs of the island. For a final dose of ruins, Tulum is just a 45-minute drive south of Playa.

    Water taxi (Caye Caulker - Belize City 45m-1h 39km)
    Jump in and cross the water to the next stop.

    Local bus (Belize City - Chetumal 3h-4h)
    Climb aboard, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.

    Border Crossing (Belize - Mexico) (Santa Elena - Subteniente Lopez)
    Ready for a little more ink in your passport? Grab your bags and get ready to check another country off your bucket list.

    Private Vehicle (Chetumal - Playa del Carmen 4h 313km)
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 14 Playa del Carmen

    Enjoy a free to explore the Mayan ruins of Tulum, visit one of the many cenotes or the diving mecca of Cozumel.

    Free Time
    Playa del Carmen Full Day
    Do as much or as little as you want.

    Optional Activities
    Tulum Ruins Visit
    Tulum 1h-4h
    5-40 USD per person
    The Maya built the ancient seaport of Tulum in the late 13th century. Located some 130 km (80 mi) south of Cancun, this picturesque site features a number of limestone structures protected on three sides by a 7m (23 ft) thick wall. Visit "El Castillo" (the castle), overlooking the Caribbean coast, and the Temple of Frescoes, then head down to the beach. Dive into the warm aquamarine waters and imagine spotting ancient vessels laden with turquoise and jade.

    Cozumel Diving (Certified Divers)
    Cozumel 5h-8h
    50-120USD per person
    Take the ferry to Cozumel Island and discover one of the world's top scuba diving destinations. See schools of tropical fish (over 250 species) swimming in and amongst colourful coral, look for sponges and other aquatic marine life. Two main coral reefs provide plateaus beginning in less than 9m (30 ft) of water. All this, plus clear, warm water. Every diver's dream!

    Cenote Visit
    Playa del Carmen 1h-4h
    7-50 USD per person
    Pack your swimsuit, hail a shared van (colectivo) and ask for directions to one of Yucatan's many cenotes. These natural swimming holes were formed thousands of years ago, when the peninsula's porous limestone collapsed to reveal fresh water pools fed by underground systems of canals and rivers. Dive into the turquoise waters surrounded by cave walls or tropical foliage, watch fish dart in and out of the shafts of sunlight and realize why the Maya called cenotes "sacred wells".

    Coco Bongo Disco and Show
    Playa del Carmen
    65-70 USD per person
    Coco Bongo lives up to its name. Visitors describe it as "insane", "exciting" and "amazing". This Vegas-style disco and show features a range of high energy acts including Elvis, Lady Gaga, Moulin Rouge and more. The price includes all your drinks and the show is cheaper on weekdays. Go wild!

    Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve Visit
    Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is one of Mexico's most important protected areas due to its diversity in bird and animal species. The Reserve uses ecologically responsible technologies, including systems for wetland waste management, rainwater collection, and solar and wind energy generation to protect the environment. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 15 Depart at any time.

     (None (Meals on your own))

  • Meal basis

    As per itinerary - B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner, N: No meals


    If you have booked this trip or are curious about all of the details, you can download this trip's information as a PDF.

    Please ensure that you print a final copy of your Trip Details to review a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans.

  1. This programme is operated on a Coach tour. Maximum Group size is 16 passengers, at an average there are 12 passengers travelling on this tour.

  2. Itinerary descriptions are guaranteed with the exception of unforeseen conditions which include, but are not limited to, road closures due to weather, acts of God, safety concerns, changes to highway legal restrictions, and acts by third parties beyond the control of Service Provider.

  3. There is no refund for any non-utilization of any services.

  4. All holiday prices are subject to Govt. Service Tax of 5% payable to Govt of India.

  5. At this point of time no services are confirmed and the same is subject to availability.

  6. Request for an early hotel check in or late checkout is at the discretion of the accommodation unless pre-booked and pre-paid in advance.

  7. All payment to be made strictly by cheque / Demand Draft / Direct bank transfer in favour of 'COX AND KINGS LIMITED'.

  8. When entering Mexico by land for the second time (from Belize) you must pay a tax of 292MXN, payable in cash (26 USD approximately) due to new regulations.

  9. The Cancun airport is only 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen and frequent buses run on schedule.

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