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Dream In El Salvador


  • Concepion de Ataco
  • Suchitoto

Places to explore

El Salvador is famous for its surfing and volcanoes but that doesn't even scratch the surface compared to what this relatively tiny country has to offer - colonial towns, wildlife sightings, a trip back in time and most especially its incredibly warm and hospitable people.

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Must have Experiences

Learn exactly why El Salvador is famous for its coffee and indigo, why even the mention of pupusas will make your mouth water for years to come and why a long drive through breathtakingly beautiful countryside is the best way to unwind on your trip to this magical country.

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Travel Styles

What kind of traveller are you? Are you looking for fast-paced adventure? Something a little more comfortable? Would you prefer a private group experience? A marine adventure? Whatever your travel styles, we've got Travel Style something for everyone.

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