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Best of Borneo

14 Days, Kota Kinabalu to Kuching
Best of Borneo

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Still wild and mysterious even after all these years, Borneo is one of those places that's become synonymous with adventure travel. Come see what all the fuss is read more...

    • Think local transport—buses, taxis, trains the most colourful way to travel
    • Enjoy travelling with a like minded mix of couples, friends and solo travellers, from the world over
    • Like the idea of staying in character-rich accommodations that reflect the culture of the places you visit
What's Included
  • Overseas Medical Insurance for the duration of the tour (Sum of US$ 2,50,000 covered).
  • 13 nights accommodation with Simple hotels/guesthouses (8 nts), homestay (3 nts), national park lodges/mountain huts (2 nts, multi-share).
  • 12 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners.
  • Internal Flights
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities (Private van, boat, walking, public minibus, plane, 4x4 vehicle).
  • Traditional dinner in a local home (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Beach time in Kudat
  • Mt Kinabalu hike, including entrance, climbing permits, and guides
  • Wildlife boat tour (Weston)
  • Mulu cave visit
  • Semenggoh Nature Reserve and orangutan visit (Kuching).
  • Services of Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout the tour, local guides.
Please ensure that you print a final copy of your trip details provided by Cox & Kings as pdf format.
Important Notes
We recommend you to have a meal budget of USD 150-195 for food and drinks which are not included in the programme.
Day 1 Arrive Kota Kinabalu
Day 2 Kota Kinabalu/Kudat
Day 3 Kudat/Mount Kinabalu
Day 4 Mount Kinabalu
Day 5 Mount Kinabalu/Ranau
Day 6 Ranau
Day 7 Ranau/Weston
Day 8 Weston/Kota Kinabalu
Day 9 Kota Kinabalu/Gunung Mulu National Park
Day 10 Gunung Mulu National Park
Day 11 Gunung Mulu National Park/Kuching
Day 12 Kuching/Kampong Mentu Pundok
Day 13 Kampong Mentu Pundok/Kuching
Day 14 Depart Kuching
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Cox & Kings takes all reasonable measures to ensure your safety and enjoyment while travelling with us. The aim of this document is to give you an insight into ways you may further enhance your own personal safety while abroad.

Places Visited
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Kudat
  • Mount Kinabalu
  • Ranau
  • Weston
  • Gunung Mulu National Park
  • Kuching
  • Kampong Mentu Pundok
  • DAY 1 Arrive Kota Kinabalu

    Arrive any time during the day. Welcome meeting and included local home meal in the evening.

    There are no planned activities until an evening welcome meeting, followed by an included dinner at a local home.

    Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
    Tonight, the adventure begins. Feel free to explore - but make sure you're back in time to meet your group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your trip. (Dinner)

  • DAY 2 Kota Kinabalu/Kudat

    Drive to Kudat on the northern tip of Borneo to visit a nesting site for turtles (in season). Lounge on secluded white-sand beaches. Opt to participate in a local beach cleanup project.

    Kudat is about a 3 hr drive from Kota Kinabalu, but feels worlds away. Enjoy the quiet fishing village and empty beaches on the 'Tip of Borneo'.

    Private Vehicle
    Kota Kinabalu - Kudat 3h 148km
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

    Optional Activities
    Jungle Trekking

    Enjoy a trekking excursion through the pristine coastal jungles of Kudat.

    Beach Cleanup Project
    Lend a hand in local conservation by participating in a beach cleanup project. Your efforts help protect wildlife and, in particular, sea turtle nesting grounds. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 3 Kudat/Mount Kinabalu

    Enjoy some extra beach time in the morning before driving to Kota Kinabalu park in the afternoon. In the evening, attend a briefing on the next day's hike.

    Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. Hopefully you'll catch a glimpse of the summit, which is often shrouded in a cloud by the afternoon.

    We stay at the foot of the mountain, so there's the opportunity to stretch your legs by exploring the trails around the park.

    Private Vehicle
    Kudat - Mount Kinabalu 3h 185km
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Free Time
    Mount Kinabalu Afternoon
    Use some free time to stretch your legs and explore. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 4 Mount Kinabalu

    Head off to conquer Mount Kinabalu. During the first day's climb to Laban Rata, enjoy a packed lunch on the way. The hike can take from 5-7 hrs. Indulge in a buffet-style dinner then rest up for an early start to summit the mountain in the morning.

    Set off early to begin the ascent up Mt Kinabalu. It is not an easy walk, but it is incredibly rewarding. Willpower is the main requirement as it's uphill all the way!

    Spend the night at Laban Rata in basic mountain huts 3,272m (10,735 ft) above sea level.

    Turn in early to prepare for the final climb very early in the morning.

    Mount Kinabalu Hike- Day 1
    Mount Kinabalu 6h-8h 8km
    Begin at the Tambang Gate 2000m (6561 ft) above sea level. Head up to a ridgeline through the Mesilau Nature Park before descending to the suspension bridge crossing the West Mesilau River. Spot delicate orchids, strange pitcher plants and wildlife as you pass by waterfalls and majestic scenery. The well-marked trail is predominantly made up of steep steps that vary considerably in size. (Dinner,Lunch,Breakfast)

  • DAY 5 Mount Kinabalu/Ranau

    Summit Mt Kinabalu (3-5hrs) and arrive in time for sunrise. Return to Laban Rata for a rest and to HQ for lunch. After, it's a short drive to Poring to enjoy the hot springs.

    Arrive to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (3-5 hours) in time for sunrise. Rejoice! Return to Laban Rata for a rest, then to HQ for lunch. After, it's a short drive to Poring to enjoy the hot springs.

    The springs' hot sulphuric minerals are said to have healing properties and will be a welcome reward after your arduous hike.

    Mount Kinabalu Hike- Day 2
    Mount Kinabalu
    Get an early start to make it to the summit for sunrise. This portion of the hike takes about three to four hours. Stop in at the mountain huts before continuing to the park headquarters for lunch. Be prepared-the descent can be tough on the knees and takes approximately five to seven hours.

    Private Vehicle
    Mount Kinabalu - Ranau 1h 40km
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Poring Hot Springs Visit
    Poring Hot Springs
    Poring Hot Springs is near the base of Mt Kinabalu. Known for its healing hot springs, Poring is a perfect spot to relax. Try the canopy walk, trek to some waterfalls, visit a butterfly farm or soak in the hot springs. (Breakfast,Lunch)

  • DAY 6 Ranau

    Enjoy a free day in Poring. Options include hiking local trails, visiting Lupa Masa (a primary jungle with loads of wildlife), taking a canopy walk, visiting famous Sabah tea plantations, enjoying the hot springs, and visiting a waterfall.

    Free Time
    Ranau Full Day
    Explore the area or soak in the hot springs.

    Optional Activities
    Sabah Tea Planations Visit

    Visit the famous Sabah tea plantation to learn more about this important crop and see how its grown. There might be a sample cup for you as well!

    Lupa Masa Canopy Walk
    Enjoy a canopy walk for a new perspective on this beautiful primary jungle. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that lives in the area.

    Poring Hot Springs Visit
    Poring Hot Springs
    Poring Hot Springs is near the base of Mt Kinabalu. Known for its healing hot springs, Poring is a perfect spot to relax. Try the canopy walk, trek to some waterfalls, visit a butterfly farm or soak in the hot springs. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 7 Ranau/Weston

    Drive to the charming town of Weston. Enjoy the quaint atmosphere and take a boat tour down the river to view wild proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. After dinner, return to the boat for a ride to see fireflies.

    Wander around this small town set on the Klias River, surrounded by an abundance of monkeys and birdlife. Wander around the shops and restaurants near the hotel to get a feel for the real Sabahan lifestyle.

    Private Vehicle
    Ranau - Tenom 2h30m-3h30m
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Private Vehicle
    Tenom - Weston 1h30m-2h30m
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Wildlife Boat Tour
    Hop on a boat and head out on the river to spot wildlife. In the evening, the fireflies come out in full force and are a beautiful sight. (Breakfast,Dinner)

  • DAY 8 Weston/Kota Kinabalu

    In the morning, return to Kota Kinabalu. Spend the afternoon either exploring the city or the nearby islands.

    Return to Kota Kinabalu. Opt to spend time in the city wandering the markets or sampling the local food at some restaurants and cafes. Another option is to visit one of the offshore islands. Hop a water taxi and explore what else is in the area.

    Private Vehicle
    Weston - Kota Kinabalu 1h30m-2h
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Optional Activities
    Island Exploration

    Kota Kinabalu
    Head offshore and visit a nearby island. Costs can vary depending on your negotiating skills, the time you wish to spend on the island, and the number of people with whom you share a boat. Water taxis are abundant and ready to take you to your island destination of choice. (None (Meals on your own))

  • DAY 9 Kota Kinabalu/Gunung Mulu National Park

    After a relaxing morning, fly to Mulu. Take a guided walk in the evening to Lang Cave and Deer Cave to watch the flying bats.

    Kota Kinabalu - Mulu Airport 2h
    The plane stops in Miri en route to Mulu.

    Private Vehicle
    Mulu Airport - Gunung Mulu National Park 15m
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

    Guided Cave Excursion
    Gunung Mulu National Park Evening
    Head out on a guided tour to visit Lang Cave and Deer Cave. Every evening there's a mass exodus of bats flooding out of the caves. Get ready to be amazed by this spectacle of nature. (Breakfast)

  • DAY 10 Gunung Mulu National Park

    Enjoy a day in the national park. Take a guided longtail boat ride to visit a traditional village and caves. Opt to go swimming. With free time opt to enjoy a night jungle walk, use the walking trails, or take a treetop canopy walk.

    Mulu Excursion
    Gunung Mulu National Park
    Head out with a guide by longtail boat and visit a traditional village. Opt to try out a blowdart. Continue on to explore some caves- both Clearwater Cave and Wind Cave make for good stops. Go swimming and enjoy a picnic lunch.

    Free Time
    Gunung Mulu National Park Afternoon
    Get out and explore.

    Optional Activities
    Wildlife Night Walk
    Gunung Mulu National Park
    Venture out with a guide and flashlight to check out the wild jungle inhabitants at night, when they really come alive. Keep your eyes peeled and watch your step! (Dinner,Lunch,Breakfast)

  • DAY 11 Gunung Mulu National Park/Kuching

    Opt for a morning canopy walk at the top of the longest canopy in the world. Later, fly to Kuching. Take a short orientation walk then opt to dine on some of the excellent seafood.

    Gunung Mulu National Park - Kuching 45m
    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... yup, it is a plane, actually.

    Free Time
    Gunung Mulu National Park Morning
    Spend a few more hours in paradise.

    Optional Activities
    Canopy Walk
    Gunung Mulu National Park
    480m the canopy walk is the longest in the world. (Breakfast,Lunch)

  • DAY 12 Kuching/Kampong Mentu Pundok

    Enjoy a homestay in a traditional Iban village. Enjoy the local food, culture and interacting with the villagers. Explore the area and look for tropical pitcher plants and see if we can spot any wild orangutans.

    Private Vehicle
    Kuching - Kampong Mentu Pundok 4h30m
    Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

    Kampong Mentu Pundok 30m-45m 5km
    Travel the last 5km by 4x4 that works better with the terrain.

    Iban Village Homestay
    Kampong Mentu Pundok
    Enjoy the warm hospitality of some Iban villagers. Interact with other villagers coming to say hello and learn about the culture and traditions of these native people. Enjoy home cooked meals and, of course, some traditional dancing and music. (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)

  • DAY 13 Kampong Mentu Pundok/Kuching

    Take a morning trek to a waterfall and enjoy a picnic lunch. Later, head to Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Arrive for the afternoon feeding of semi-wild orangutans. Head back to Kuching for a final night out.

    Semenggoh Nature Reserve Visit
    Founded in 1975, the rehabilitation centre within the Semenggoh Nature Reserve cares for injured, orphaned, or illegal pet animals. The orangutan program in particular has made the centre famous, and is now primarily used for the study of orangutan biology and behaviour. Home to dozens of semi-wild orangutans, this is the perfect place to see these amazing animals.

    Private Vehicle
    Kampong Mentu Pundok - Kuching 4h-5h
    Duration does not include stop in Semenggoh Nature Reserve. (Breakfast,Lunch)

  • DAY 14 Depart Kuching

    Depart at any time (Breakfast)

  • Meal basis

    As per itinerary - B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner, N: No meals


    If you have booked this trip or are curious about all of the details, you can download this trip's information as a PDF.

    Please ensure that you print a final copy of your Trip Details to review a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans.

  1. We recommend you to have a meal budget of USD 150-195 for food and drinks which are not included in the programme.

  2. This programme is operated on a Coach tour. Maximum Group size is 15 passengers, at an average there are 12 passengers travelling on this tour.

  3. Itinerary descriptions are guaranteed with the exception of unforeseen conditions which include, but are not limited to, road closures due to weather, acts of God, safety concerns, changes to highway legal restrictions, and acts by third parties beyond the control of Service Provider.

  4. There is no refund for any non-utilization of any services.

  5. All holiday prices are subject to Govt. Service Tax of 5% payable to Govt of India.

  6. At this point of time no services are confirmed and the same is subject to availability.

  7. Request for an early hotel check in or late checkout is at the discretion of the accommodation unless pre-booked and pre-paid in advance.

  8. All payment to be made strictly by cheque / Demand Draft / Direct bank transfer in favour of 'COX AND KINGS LIMITED'.

  9. ACCOMMODATION: It should be stressed that the nature of the accommodation when compared with other areas of SE Asia, is sometimes of a lower standard than normally provided on G Adventures trips. This is often due to the location and type of activities involved (ie high on a mountain and in remote jungle areas). Accommodation is always clean and usually makes up in character and location, what it might not provide in glamour and additional services.

  10. RAMADAN: Please note that Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims throughout the world, during which time the followers of Islam should not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. There may be some limitations to services and disruptions to schedules during Ramadan in Muslim areas, but generally our tours still operate effectively during this period and food is available to non-muslims throughout the day. It is very important to display increased cultural sensitivity during Ramadan. Please wear loose fitting clothes, that cover knees and shoulders, and try to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public out of respect for those who can't at that time.

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