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Dream In Arctic

  • Inuit Villages

    Connect with the villagers of Ittoqqortoormiit, a small settlement in the Arctic, and learn exciting facts about life in this region. This Inuit village answers your questions about the frozen land, tells you many mystical secrets and still ensures that the Arctic magic never fades.

  • Norwegian Wonderland

    Walk through medieval towns and uncover their mystery, course through the famed Norwegian Sea and be awed by the majesty of its numerous fjords. Go birdwatching, explore mountain island of Torghatten, and watch out for large polar bears - have your own Norwegian adventure

  • Neolithic Monuments

    Ancient formations that can leave you spellbound even now, the Standing Stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar, Skara Brae, and many such wonders made purely of stone, whisper many secrets to their visitors. Explore these sights and carry a bit of the past into the future.

  • Explore The Icy Land

    Norway, Greenland and right into the Arctic, exploring this frozen region means you witness incomparable sights, meet rare animals and connect with original locals of the land. Cruise through intimidating glaciers and walk upon the icy terrain, this is a land like no other.

  • Meet The Wildlife

    Clapping seals, swimming whales, pristine polar bears, herds of wary reindeers, friendly dolphins and colourful flocks of birds, meet them all on your trip in the Arctic. See them from on-deck or watch them up close on land, the exciting Polar wildlife is an assured thrill.

  • Experience The Midnight Sun

    Watch the sun never disappear from your view for days on end. The incredible sight of the polar region's midnight sun phenomenon will leave you breath-taken. Its constant presence over the horizon can leave you confused wondering what time of day it actually is!

  • Enjoy Bird Watching

    Explore Bjornoya of Norway's Svalbard archipelago and come across a birdwatcher's paradise. From exotic land birds to rare sea birds, you can capture them all on your quick camera. See vivid varieties flying by, waddling in parks or swimming in the sea, you'll never run out!

  • Glaciers

    Trudge along the mountainous glaciers of the Arctic region and watch polar bears hunting their day's meal. Come close up with dominating ice bergs and drifting ice floes. Discover the polar wildlife going about their daily tasks while stay awed by the enormity of this ice-land.

  • Land Of Polar Bears

    See them lazing peacefully on their icy land or hunting up a filling meal, watch them plodding along on all fours or protectively taking care of their young cubs, this frosty region will leave you mesmerised when it shows you polar bears in their true wonder.

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