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Dream In Antarctica

  • Falkland Islands

    Waddling penguins, playful seals, soaring albatross, the Falklands' known for their polar wildlife. Visit rickety towns to have a drink at friendly pubs, have delicious English tea or just walk the scenic countryside. Swing from viewing sea lions to a mug of beer. Where else?

  • South Georgia Island

    Come upon secretly sheltered water routes and domineering fjords, see mountains rising straight out of the sea and then click the innumerable penguins, seals and whales. If you're exploring the land of Shackleton, it's only right that you also visit his historic gravesite.

  • Drake Passage

    Conquer the Drake Passage aboard a ship that's built for the task. This route to Antarctica is fraught with choppy waters and overwhelming views. See leopard seals on floating icebergs then come across mountainous glaciers that dominate the view. You'll live for the unexpected.

  • The Antarctic Peninsula

    Set foot on the frozen continent and walk across its windy, icy terrain. Surrounded by formidable glaciers, calm frozen lakes, the polar wild and jagged icebergs, you're bound to feel humbled by nature's stern power here.

  • Encounter The Polar Wildlife

    Visiting Antarctica means coming across wildlife that isn't used to the human influence. Watch unafraid rookeries of penguins and large seal colonies. See swimming whales and sea lions peeping out from the sea. Meet the polar wildlife and be awed by its untamed beauty.

  • Feel The Spirit Of Shackleton

    The brave explorer travelled Antarctica and you'll be doing the same. Visit South Georgia Island and travel the land as he once did. Sail across those rough waters after you pay your respects to his ancient grave. Seek your blessings, then explore you must!

  • Cruise The Iceberg Stricken Waters

    No, it's not going to be like Titanic. You'll be travelling in a ship meant for these rough seas, through stern glaciers and among the lazing marine life. Cruise around the Antarctic in icy waters and be sure to click the wildlife you want to camera-capture.

  • Walk Upon The Icy Continent

    Imagine hiking across the frozen shore of Antarctica, finding innumerable chatty penguins and gazing up towering glaciers. This untamed land will show you the magnanimous power of nature while forming memories etched in your mind forever.

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