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Dream In Malawi

  • Lilongwe

    Malawi's capital brings a quaint mix of old and new to the table. While the New Town consists of modem buildings and shopping complexes, the Old Town is definitely where travellers should head to! With a vibrant market, you can pick up all those trinkets as well as any other kind of shopping you have in mind. The Tobacco auctions and the Lilongwe Wildlife centre are two sites in this busy city that you should definitely make time for!

  • Lake Malawi

    This magnificent freshwater lake is the gem among attractions in Malawi! With golden beaches and a diverse variety of fishes, the southern side of the lake offers excellent opportunities to go snorkelling and diving. With numerous bays to choose from, the small hotels and lodges here offer excellent accommodations as well as good food! One of the best bays to start with, Monkey Bay, can be found on the southern tip and is well worth spending a day in!

  • Mulanje Mountain

    This majestic natural wonder offers a variety of hiking routes to choose from. With simple huts to rest in after every trek, it is easy to lose yourself in the wonder of this savage and intimating landscape. Head to the Mountain Club of Malawi to get the best possible information on routes and stay a day at Likhubula Forest Lodge to get an early start on the trekking experience.

  • Likoma Island

    This idyllic paradise is home to a majestic cathedral as well as some of the most amazing beaches that you can find. Start you trip by staying at Kaya Mawa, go kayaking around the island and visit the bustling local market. You must make sure to see the dance troupes from other islands gather here for an entertaining face-off! The best part of the trip is getting there, though! Boats like the MV Ilala stop here at least once a week and offer an excellent way to experience the way of life in Malawi!

  • Cruise on the MV Ilala

    This large ferry offers a cruise every week and is the best way to visit Lilongwe. With a birds-eye view of the pristine landscape, this is an excellent way to explore Malawi! Book a cabin, sail across blue waters and visit all the many islands that Malawi has to offer.

  • Explore the Zomba Plateau

    With incredible views, waterfalls and dams, this location is an excellent respite from the oppressive heat of Malawi. Hike across wooded paths, go to viewpoints like the Queen's View and go for a horse ride down amazing trails. Zomba also offers excellent places to stay in like Ku Chawe Inn, which serve as the perfect base camp for all your exploration.

  • Go for a Tobacco Auction

    Malawi is the largest producer of burley tobacco in the world, and watching the complex process of buying and selling this product can be a fascinating experience. With fast paced bargaining, you can watch skilled workers package the product and see traders colourfully haggle for the best possible price!

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