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Dream In Ethiopia

  • Addis Ababa

    At an elevation of 2400m, the third highest capital in the world is a fascinating mix of the old and new. Visit the National Museum which is a treasure trove of Ethiopian artefacts, climb up to Entoto for a great view of the city and haggle at Merkato, Africa's largest open market.

  • Bahir Dar

    The town and surrounding areas are brimming with beautiful sights. Stroll along Lake Tana, catch panoramic views of the Blue Nile, witness the majestic Blue Nile Falls, sight enormous hippos,climb up to Bezawit to visit the palace of Haile Selassie and visit the vibrant local market

  • Gonder

    Take in the sights in 'Africa's Camelot' that stood as the capital of Ethiopia for 200 years. Visit Emperor Fasiladas' Palace and his majestic bath before you marvel at the legendary wall and ceiling paintings in the country's most famous church, the Debre Berhan Selassie Church.

  • Simien Mountains National Park

    Gaze in awe at one of the continent's most beautiful mountain ranges, often referred to as the 'Roof of Africa'. It is home to Ras Dashen, Ethiopia's highest peak, and a variety of remarkable flora and fauna such as the Gelada baboon, Walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf.

  • Lalibela

    Feel transported to another era as you explore the dimly lit passageways of tunnels and medieval churches of one of the greatest religio-historic sites replete with priests and monks wandering about and the smell of incense and beeswax heavy in the air.

  • Axum

    Visit the capital of the legendary Queen of Sheba, believed to be the country's oldest city. Check out the fascinating rock-cut church of Our Lady Mary at Qorgor, the church of Tsion Maryam and Queen of Sheba's palace as you roam the holiest city of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

  • Ride A Tankwa On Tana

    Hitch a ride on an open-ended papyrus boat called tankwa that continues to be used to on Lake Tana to this day. Float along on Ethiopia's largest lake dotted with islands, many of which are home to old monasteries.

  • Interact with local tribes

    Explore the enigmatic beehive houses of the Dorze and stop in numerous villages for truly immersive cultural encounters with the Ari, Karo, Mursi, Hamer and Dassanech people.

  • Witness The Blue Nile

    Gazeinto the flowing waters of the longest river in Africa. Wonder at the sheer magnificence of the Blue Nile Falls as it thunders down. Marvel at the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature and return home a humbled human.

  • National Geographic Journeys

    Our National Geographic Journeys are deeper explorations into the cultures and habitats of the planet's destinations. These unique tours combine more inclusions, hands-on exploration, interaction with experts such as marine biologists and historians, and time to explore on your own. All of it within the safety and fabric of a G Adventures small group tour.

  • Comfort Tours

    Adventures with extra frills

    Are you looking for genuine experiences and spontaneous situations, without roughing it out? Our Comfort tours are just what you need. Upgraded accommodations and more inclusions with plenty of freedom to pursue spontaneous situations on your own. Perfect for families with young ones, couples on an adventurous honeymoon, older travellers and just about everyone else too!

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